Are you retired?

Are you retired?

Do you prefer to enjoy your retirement under the Spanish sun? Then you probably also make use of medical care abroad. How you are insured for that care, depends on where you are officially resident.

First of all, the situation of AOW'ers who live abroad for a few months a year (1). We then go deeper into the situation of emigrants: state pensioners who live outside the Netherlands all year round (2).

1. Do you live Abroad for part of the year?
Do you live abroad for a few months a year, for example during the winter months? Then you will remain a resident of your country, as it is officially called. Just like everyone there, you are obliged (care light) to take out basic health insurance in your country.

World coverage becomes Europe coverage
The Dutch basic health insurance for example has worldwide coverage. This means that you are assured of medical care in accordance with the Dutch basic package all over the world. Please check with your insurer if this is indeed the case. If not, you may be able to extend your coverage or purchase travel insurance.

Coverage: maximum the Dutch care rate
If you receive medically necessary care outside the Netherlands, your health insurer will reimburse up to the Dutch rate. Is this care just as expensive in another country as in the Netherlands or cheaper? Then you will be reimbursed for everything. Is this care more expensive? If you have not taken out travel insurance, you will have to pay the difference yourself.

Apply for a European insurance card
Do you need healthcare within Europe? To avoid having to pay extra or advance costs, you can request a European insurance card from your health insurer. Some insurers use the card's English abbreviation: EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). By showing this card you are entitled to public care in Europe. You cannot use this card for care in a private clinic.

2. Have you emigrated?
Do you live outside the Netherlands all year round? Then you are no longer a resident of the Netherlands. You cannot therefore take out basic health insurance. The fact that you have Dutch nationality does not matter in this case.

Do you only have a Dutch pension?
Do you live in a European country and do you only have a Dutch pension? Then you pay for the basic care in your country of residence via the Dutch government. To do this, you must first register with the so-called E121 / S1 formula. You then pay a foreign contribution, which is deducted from your AOW and company pension. This contribution consists of a nominal part and an income-related part. More information about this can be obtained from the CAK.

The amount of the contribution differs per country
The amount of the foreign contribution is calculated using a country of residence factor, which differs per country. You can request the amount of your foreign contribution from the CAK

If you also have a pension in your country of residence
Do you live in a European country and do you have a pension or benefit from your country of residence in addition to your Dutch pension or benefit? Then you fall under the healthcare system of your country of residence. What that means depends on the country. For example, if you live in Spain, you can make use of public care through the Seguridad Social.


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